Company Profile

SahneBoostan Consultant Engineers Company was founded in 2000 and has been one of the first companies that received activities permit in specialized areas of Project Management (MC) from State Planning Management Organization(PMO).

This company currently By benefitting from the fatest most recent methods, technologies, national and international standards and services of an efficient technical- specialized and managerial staff consisting first class local experts as well as professional and international advisors, the company has been able to provide public, governmental and private institutes, centers an organizations with the significant services in various areas including design, planning, supervision and management of civil development projects as well as participation in design and production projects.

SahneBoostan Consultant Engineers with the first grade of railway from management and planning organization of Iran (PMO) such as General administration of Line and Technical structures as well as General administration of Communication and Electric since 2001.

In addition, this consultant engineers provides services as main/infrastructural consultants in increasing the capacity of railways for the Railway of the Islamic republic of Iran as well as removing capacity straits of communications and electric signals to the Railway of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Among other valuable activities and experiences of this consultant engineers in railway transportation area, one may note cooperation with Tehran metro, Imam Khomeini international airport, design of stations, design of paths, studies phases 1 and 2 as well as employer advisor services.

In addition to railway projects which are among the most important specialized activities of this company, having Rank One from the State Management and Planning Organization and Super Rank A from Aviation Organization, the company has been performing other activities in the area of Air Side-Land Site [airport] activities. Of those services, the experiences and activities performed in Imam Khomeini International Airport, Kish International Airport, Qeshm Airport, Shahroud and Boushehr Airports are notable.

Among other specialized areas of this company Buildings of industrial, administrative-residential (rank1),one may note providing consultation in oil and gas lines (rank2), road structure (rank3) and electrical and mechanical installations (rank3). The most important activities in these areas are listed in the supplementary explanations as follows.

The main features of SahneBoosatn Consulting Engineers

- Professional consulting services for projects and maximum customers’ and employer’s satisfaction

- The different experiences of the company in the technical and management sectors in large domestic projects, with cooperation of international foreign corporations

- Access to the latest software, technical and managerial sources and expertise related to any company or partnership

- Having special equipment to study the basic infrastructure and the methods of control

- Access to and proficiency in special software for engineering and management, especially for issues regarding the discipline and expertise

- The relationship with specialists (legal and natural entities) and experienced foreign companies qualified for use in special cases

Currently, SahneBoostan Engineers with its specialized and experienced technical and servicing staff and the help of university professors and top students of elite universities, as well as cooperation with expert national and international companies is able to have an active presence in the large national projects including phases 1 and 2 of International Airport of Imam Khomeini, establishment of the comprehensive linking network of Persian Gulf, increasing the capacity of electrical and communication signals and railway lines of Islamic Republic of Iran, exploitation and development of Milad Tower in Tehran and several large and small projects, that all of them are a good point in the resume of the engineering services of the company.

The company has the necessary information and communication infrastructures and necessary software and hardware and tries to provide high quality, fast, better and more services to employers and its customers and satisfies them as much as possible.

A part of the infrastructure of information and communication in the company is as follows:

- Networking hardware equipment

- Network design for headquarter based on Structural Cabling

- Control of network traffic through independent switch in each of the headquarter units

- Communication with group offices with the headquarters using a VPN network backup system

- Transferring all the information on the server automatically every 24 hours, on a backup server in order to guarantee the security of data and documents (including maps, reports, programs, etc.) and storing information of backups on an external hard disk and keeping it out of the computers unit

- Using computer systems with modern configurations

- Documentation and office automation and information management systems

- Using a proper communication context for information exchange inside the company under the name of internet using share point version 2010 software of Microsoft

- Management of archiving, workflow documentation, information and documentation of projects and method of access to them using web based software

- Implement of the process of documenting for all information and documents such as maps, photos, reports, cost estimation etc.

- Implementation of enterprise integrated project management system with the project server software

- Project managers apply the MS Project software to plan and monitor projects

- Creating a system of quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and monitoring in the company to provide better services and satisfy more customers and employers

- To create an independent site for each one of the projects of company that contains the entire information and documents of project together with the data of schedules and project control, administrative and financial information, and so on through defining the access of people in different levels inside the database.

- To create a database for projects

The Main Areas of Business Activities of Company

Technical services - engineering and management of technical services - engineering besides project management services for construction projects in the public and private sectors are some of the main activities of the company. The available abilities in providing consulting services in engineering and project management fields leads the SahneBoostan Consulting Engineers to be successful in gaining the trust of employers to solve technical – engineering issues and in addition, to manage the civil projects and to use the created potentials for enhancing the abilities in the best possible method.

The most important abilities of company in the field of consulting are as follows:

1. Feasibility studies and design

2. To conduct structural, functional, strategic and development research, studies, and survey

3. Sectored, comprehensive and cross-sectored case studies

4. The drawing up of standards, technical and administrative criteria

5. Planning and Project Control

6. Management services

7. Project Management

8. Legal and Contracts Services

9. Control Engineering

10. Economic Studies

11. Feasibility, design and management of systems

12. Environmental assessment studies

13. Surveying and geographic information systems

14. Ancillary services and complementary consulting services

Various and different services, provided by SahneBoostan Consulting Engineers in the different fields of study and execution are introduced as follows:

Airport Consulting Services

Studies of Runway, taxi way, aircraft parking, access roads and patrol roads within the airport, area drainage, electrical and civil engineering, construction of the terminal, ancillary and peripheral buildings.

Technical Buildings Consulting Services (residential, commercial, office, and industrial buildings)

To perform studies, design, supervision of execution and excellent supervision on office, residential, commercial, high-rise buildings, banks, hotels, etc.

Consulting Services for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Technical and economic feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed engineering optimization of pumping stations, compressor stations, warehouses and storage tanks, oil terminals, oil and gas pipelines as well as performing the related works to all ancillary facilities and industrial facilities and civil works and supervision of all installations and operations.

Rail Consulting Services

Preliminary research and first and second stages and supervision of railway infrastructure and pavement and buildings, and improve their technical, ancillary buildings (stations) and signals.

Consulting Services for Roads and Bridges

Preliminary research and first and second stages and monitor the implementation of the rural, sub-main and main roads, bridges, highways, tunnels, technical buildings and developing them.

Project Management Services

Performing the project management services (the 4th factor) that includes coordination services between employer, consulting companies and the active contractor in the research, management, planning and cost control operations of the project as well and control and monitor the quality and quantity of performing the project are the most important duties of a project manager and in fact the project manager provides trust between employer and consultant and in this way some of the important responsibilities and monitoring duties for project are delegated to the consultant. This can reduce the continuous cost of organization in short term and minimizes the state structures in the long-term.

Special Services (participation in project design and construction)

SahneBoostan Co. in cooperation with Iranian contractor capable companies participated in different projects including designing and implementing of EPC projects, gas pressure reduction stations and the role of company in this regard is major. Engineering, planning, project management and project control are some of the main tasks of the company in this project.

The company has the experience and cooperation agreement with contractor companies in the areas of:

1. Rail transportation

2. Oil and gas pipelines

3. Technical heavy buildings

4. Office, commercial and industrial buildings

5. Bridges, roads and technical buildings

6. The terminal, airport runway, flight levels and accessory buildings

7. Subway station, main and secondary lines

Therefore the company is ready to seriously and actively participate in EPC projects.