Some of Ongoing projects


Persian Gulf Large Bridge

The Persian Gulf Comprehensive Linking Network Project is defined in form of infrastructure and transportation projects to develop economic, security and social aspects of the Island in line with its development and prosperity of the region and attract the investments to the island. In this major plan, Qeshm Island as one of the strategic regions and a supplement for ShahidRajaie and ShahidBeheshti Ports in the south – north corridor for transportation of goods by containers. The plan consists of four projects including the construction of Persian Gulf Bridges, Kaveh Port development, highway and railway construction. (Read more ...)


Study and resolve capacity bottlenecks and providing consulting services in the railway infrastructure of the Islamic Republic of Iran

This project has 3 phases at this stage as follows:

1. The implementation of the second line with a length of 1905 km in the vicinity of existing lines;

2. Pavement for the length of 400 km;

3. The construction of a 127 km long belt variant


Study and resolve capacity bottlenecks and providing consulting services in Administration of Communications and Electrical Signals of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways


Project management of operation and development of the development of Milad Tower, Tehran

Development of Milad Tower of Tehran with the aim of efficient operation of the tower in order to sustainable maintenance, protection and development of the complex as a national monument of with a cultural identity approach. (More ...)


Study and Design the Commercial and Office Building of Bank Saderat Iran (Sani Project)

Commercial and Office Building of Bank Saderat Iran (Sani Project) is established in a site with an area of 1874Sq.m and a superstructure of almost 25200Sq.m. in west of Sepehr Tower in Tehran, cross of Somayeh St. and MalekoshoaraBahar St.; The project is constructed in 20 floors, of which 6 floor is in the basement with parking and service function, 2 business floors and 12 welfare and administrative floors. And it has commercial offices, welfare, education and health care spaces that are combined in a single complex.


Homa Hangar Project (2) Management Services

The project of Homa Hangar no. 2 is constructed in a site with approximate are of 3300sq.m, with a 60 m entrance and 55 m depth, and 20 m height for repair Airbus A-300-600 or similar airplanes with check category A and B. in addition, an approximate space of 5000 square meters is dedicated to warehouses and workshops, and annex.


Bushehr Airport Master Plan Studies

Bushehr Airport with an area of 500 hectares is enclosed between the sea and the city and its comprehensive plan has been prepared in 1994. Since the plan is provided almost 20 years ago, and considering the challenges of this airport, the necessity to review and prepare a new master plan for the airport was felt. In this regard, at the request of the State Airports Company, SahneBoostan Consulting Engineers took over the responsibility to update the Airport’s Master Plan.


Shahrood Airport Master Plan Studies

With an area of 720 hectares and 15 kilometers distance from the city, Shahrood Airport was put into operation in 2009. Despite the potential for tourism, mining and agriculture in the city, the economic and social indicators including employment, is not appropriate in Shahrood city. Therefore, airport's role as a driver of development is important and in this line the plan of the airport to realize the potential in the region was on the agenda of the State Airports Company. And they assigned this agenda to SahneBoostanConsulting Engineers.